Up to this point…

2004: Grand Pré is included on Canada’s Tentative List as a site that Canada believes has potential of becoming a World Heritage Site.

2007: Stakeholders and community members gather at Grand-Pré national historic site to discuss the next steps. An Advisory Board is set up and co-chaired by the Société Promotion Grand-Pré and the Kings Community Economic Development Agency. A Steering Committee is set up to carry out the day to day operations. A first public meeting takes place to gather support.

2008: Funding partners are solicited to provide the resources for the project. The Municipality hires a planner to lead a community vision exercise for Grand Pré, North Grand Pré and Hortonville. Historical and archaeological research takes place to gather the necessary information for the proposal. Presentations and public meetings are organized to raise awareness about the project and about World Heritage. A call for volunteers is made in the local community to invite residents to participate in the working groups. The working group that aims to identify a possible outstanding universal value is set up.

January – March 2009: The federal, provincial, and municipal governments announce funding and resources for the project. A panel discussion between residents of Lunenburg, Joggins, and Grand Pré is organized in Grand Pré to discuss life in a World Heritage Site. The working group on the Outstanding Universal Value completes its work and proposes a statement of value.


From here on....

May – September 2009: the working group on the management of the proposed property will be working on issues of identifying the natural and human pressures on the site and the means to protect it. The public consultation for the management plan for Grand-Pré national historic site will take place. The study that compares the proposed value with other sites in the world will happen during that time. Ongoing presentations and discussions with residents will help continue the dialogue between the project and the residents. The project will be on display at Acadian festivals and events, and local community events.

August 2009: representatives of the project will be attending the Congrés Mondial Acadiens in New Brunswick to promote the world heritage nomination and current happenings with the project.

September 2009: a community meeting will take place to propose the municipal and management plan and a follow up meeting will occur to gather input from the community.