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The nomination proposal for the Landscape of Grand Pré was submitted by Canada on February 1, 2011. Nomination Grand Pré celebrated this accomplishment with its stakeholders on January 21, 2011, with a public event at the Grand-Pré National Historic Site of Canada. The proposal will now be evaluated by the World Heritage Committee and its advisory bodies. The evaluation process includes a review of all the material submitted by Nomination Grand Pré and a visit by international experts to the nominated property. A decision by the World Heritage Committee is expected in July 2012. Until a decision is made Nomination Grand Pré will continue to engage stakeholders, raise awareness about the importance of the Landscape of Grand Pré, and prepare for the World Heritage Committee evaluation.

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  • This section contains key letters of support from the three levels of governments, letters of support from organizations, the executive summary, the table of contents, and an explanation of the terms and organizations referenced throughout the nomination proposal
  • This chapter describes the exact location of the nominated property. It includes all information necessary to accurately determine the boundary and buffer zone of the property.Identification of the Property
  • This chapter provides a physical and historical description of the nominated property. It includes the relevant information to understand the geographical, environmental, and historical context that supports the proposed Outstanding Universal Value.Description
  • This chapter states and explains the Outstanding Universal Value under which the Landscape of Grand Pré is nominated. It presents the argument for why the nominated property is of “outstanding universal value” and should be inscribed on the World Heritage List. It includes a comparison of the nominated property with other sites around the world. Statements of authenticity and integrity are included.Justification for Inscription
  • This chapter presents the base-line data necessary to monitor the state of the nominated property in the future, while outlining the potential pressures – developmental, environmental, natural disaster, visitor and tourism, – that could affect the integrity of the Outstanding Universal Value.State of Conservation and Factors Affecting the Property
  • This chapter outlines the various measures and plans in place to protect the Outstanding Universal Value of the nominated property. This includes applicable legislation and regulatory authorities responsible for the property. Plans and systems for managing the nominated property are outlined, including the roles and responsibilities of the Grand Pré World Heritage Site Stewardship Board.Protection and Management of the Property
  • This chapter provides information on what will be monitored, by whom, and how regularly, to ensure ongoing integrity and authenticity of the nominated property.Monitoring
  • This chapter lists the documents provided as supporting material for the nomination proposal, and a bibliography of the references used in preparing the nomination proposal.Documentation
  • The name and contact information of various authorities and institutions responsible for the nomination proposal and the nominated property, are provided.Contact Information of Responsible Authorities
  • This page was signed by the Head of the Canadian Delegation to the World Heritage Convention when the nomination proposal was submitted to the World Heritage Committee.Signature on Behalf of the State Party
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